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BLUESHARK is one of the leading Chinese manufacturers of Abrasive Discs. In our views,  Our main business is supply professional cutting and grinding discs, flap discs, flap wheels, sanding discs to below industrial: 

* Metal & INOX Fabrication: Cutting, Grinding, Deburring, Blending, Cleaning, Finishing 

* Maintenance & Repair: Cutting, Grinding, Sharpening, Weld & Paints Removing

* Railway: Cutting and Deburring

* Foundry: Cutting, Grinding and Deburring

* Glass: Grinding and Surface Finishing & Polishing

* Construction: Cutting, Grinding and Surface Polishing

* Woodworkings: Cutting, Sanding and Polishing

* Other Industrial: Metallurgy, Aerospace, Military Projects,Petroleum, Chemicals. etc

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We have 58 production line and can produce around 200,000pcs cutting and grinding discs everyday.  Ours main production line as below:

1) For resin bonded cutting and grinding disc

100~125mm - 38  lines and each line can produce 8000pcs disc/each day. 

* 150~230mm - 10 lines and each line can produce 3500pcs disc/each day

* 300~400mm - 10 lines and each line can produce 1000pcs disc/each day.

2) For abrasives flap discs

* 1 line Auto machine and can produce 8000pcs/each day

* 6 half Auto machine and each line can produce 6000pcs/each day

3) We also have full line advanced equipment for produce other coated abrasives such like flap wheels, fiber discs, velcro discs.etc.   


abrasives disc certificates

All of BLUESHARK abrasives discs strictly produced according to highest quality standard with max safety performance.

* Bonded abrasives products    MPA EN12413

* Coated abrasives  products    MPA EN13743

* Superabrasives  products       MPA EN13236


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