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BLUESHARK Mounted Flap Wheels are designed for grinding flat or irregular surfaces. Thanks to their flexibility and softness, the flap wheels ideal for fine grinding of flat, concave and convex surfaces. BLUESHARK flap wheels are produced with quality coated abrasives and a high density flaps arrangement resulting in impressive removal rates and extra long service life. 

*Weld remove in fabrication industrial
*Rust, paint, coatings and heat discoloration removal from steel, stainless steel surface.
*General grinding & polishing on steel and stainless steel.
*Small surface and hard-reach area polishing & finishing

*The flaps supply consistent cutting & grinding action, maximum performance and long life.
*Flexible flaps ideal for any-sharp surfaces. 
*Multi application such like cleaning, deburring, finishing and polishing,etc.
*Full line size abailable for meet various requirements.
*Different coated abrasives grian and grit size supply full-line grinding & polishing solution.


flap wheels            D=Diameter       T= Thickness     S=Shaft Diameter                          

                         ORDER NO                                  SIZE                        GRIT SIZE              QTY/BOX               

Aluminum      Silicon Carbide    Zirconia                DxTxS

MFP3030A       MFP3030C        MFP3030Z            30x30x6mm                     40~320#                  10PCS

MFP4030A       MFP4030C        MFP4030Z            40x30x6mm                     40~320#                  10PCS

MFP5030A       MFP5030C        MFP5030Z            50x30x6mm                     40~320#                  10PCS

MFP5040A       MFP5040C        MFP5040Z            50x40x6mm                     40~320#                  10PCS

MFP6030A       MFP6030C        MFP6030Z            60x30x6mm                     40~320#                  10PCS

MFP6040A       MFP6040C        MFP6040Z            60x40x6mm                     40~320#                  10PCS

MFP6050A       MFP6050C        MFP6050Z            60x50x6mm                     40~320#                  10PCS

MFP7540A       MFP7540C        MFP7540Z            75x40x6mm                     40~320#                  10PCS

MFP7550A       MFP7550C        MFP7550Z            75x50x6mm                     40~320#                  10PCS



a) Other size available according to details requirements.

b) 6.35mm shaft available for America market. 

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