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BLUESHARK COLFLEX  Superthin Cutting Discs made from innovative formula with excellent fast & white cutting ability and long using life. Those style discs without paper coated on both sides and the abrasives grain can directly attaching work-pieces surface with excellent sharp & smooth cutting performance even heavy cutting applications.  The discs color can be red, green, yellow, black and it's whole new trend for 2015 Abrasives industrial.  

Blueshark All-in-One superthin cutting discs brief testing demo - This item is Blueshark innovative products made by special mixed green ceramic abrasives, it's almost can cut well for all materials with super long lifespan.  We cut off some materials in this video and just show how the discs perform when cutting various work-pieces.  We only make the best superthin cutting discs......     

Blueshark Flap Discs Brief Compare Testing - Ceramic vs Zirconium - We do this testing just want to see how about the grinding speed difference between ceramic and zirconium oxide flap discs. High loading-pressures during whole testing.   We can see both Blueshark ceramic and zirconium flap discs perform excellent grinding & polishing works, but the ceramic grinding speed almost higher 50% than zirconium.  Don't forgot the ceramic line price also higher much than zirconium...... The most important is you can see the abrasives grain consume in the same steps with the backing cloth!!!


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