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BLUESHARK supply various Muslin Cotton Buffing Wheels made of fine grade cotton cloth and sewn with or without leather center  to provide a firm grip on tapered spindles. It's ideal remove surface scratches from gold and sterling silver jewelry.  Using polishing compound at same time can make a extra refine & shine polishing.Because the layers of cotton cloth are sewn together spirally, the wheel becomes much harder and especially useful when 'cutting' the work-pieces.

* Remove scale and oxide from steel rounds. 
* Remove weld discolorration. 
* Condition cast surface prior to plating or buffing. 

* Remove surface residues from all kinds of abrasive body.

* Strong refine polishing capability and cutting, bright finish in one time 
* Excellent covering power and suitable for any shape surface
* Cooling polishing avoid work-piece over heating.
* Without any scratch left in the workpiece. 


muslin cotton buffing wheels White Color 100% Cotton Cloth             yellow treated cotton buffing wheels  Yellow Color Cotton Cloth 

The yellow style is special Treated to give longer life than white color buffs. They cut and color faster and are vented to keep the workpiece cooler.  

Diameter: 4" ~10" inch 
Layers:20~70 layers according to details requirements.
Arbor: Can be any request diameter 
Center:With or without leather 
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