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BLUESHARK Stripping & Clean Discs made of a special combination of synthetic fibers and coarse-structured non-woven abrasives and widely using in AUTO and SHIP industrial. It's especially designed for those cleaning applications where product using life and edge retention are very important.The flexible structure adapts ideally to the surface contours and shape of the work piece. Open-cell material prevents loading and gives cool grinding properties. 

Color & Quality System:

Black Color -- General Quality Line             Blue Color -- Industrial Quality Line            Purple Color -- Professional Quality Line


*Removal of rust, corrosion stains, scale, dirt, paints.
*Cleaning of weld seams
*Removal of slight drawing marks and heat discolorations
*Cleaning of surfaces of diverse characteristics
*Clean Stainless steel surface in preparation of adhesive bonding or application of fillers. 

*Aggressively removes paint and rust ability
*Easy reach those hard-reach area
*Max attaching area with work-piece 
*Extra long using life

*Max safety performance


*CUP Style with thicker fiber backings--Fit angle grinders and are used face down to strip large 

areas of paint and rust quickly. No backing pad needed.

 Stripping and Clean Discs                                                                                              

                         ORDER NO                                   SIZE                  TYPE               QTY/BOX        

     BLACK          BLUE            PURPLE

 ST10016BL    ST10016BE     ST10016PU               100x16                T27 Flat               10pcs

 ST11522BL    ST11522BE     ST11522PU               115x22                T27 Flat               10pcs

 ST12522BL    ST12522BE     ST12522PU               125x22                T27 Flat               10pcs

 ST15022BL    ST15022BE     ST15022PU               150x22                T27 Flat               10pcs 

 ST18022BL    ST18022BE     ST18022PU               180x22                T27 Flat               10pcs 


*FLAT Style --Mounted on a mandrel assembly to make a single or double width wheel driven 

by a drill. Can also be used on tapered and clamped shafts to clean and surface condition metal 

including stainless steel.

flat stripping disc                                                                                                                                                                

                         ORDER NO                                 SIZE                  TYPE               QTY/BOX        

     BLACK          BLUE            PURPLE

 SF10012BL    SF10012BE     SF10012PU               100x16                T27 Flat               10pcs

 SF11512BL    SF11512BE     SF11512PU               115x22                T27 Flat               10pcs

 SF12512BL    SF12512BE     SF12512PU               125x22                T27 Flat               10pcs

 SF15012BL    SF15012BE     SF15012PU               150x22                T27 Flat               10pcs 

 SF18012BL    SF18012BE     SF18012PU               180x22                T27 Flat               10pcs 


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